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01.12.2018 - 14.01.2019 
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Mathematics: general
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Chemistry: general
Medicine: general
Psychology: general
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Mechanical Engineering: general
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Civil Eng., Architecture: general
Traffic: general
Environmental Sciences: general
Society, Philosophy, Education: general
Linguistics, Literature and Culture: general
Law: general
Economics: general
Training: general
Spin-off/Transfer: general

This is an information by the Dresden Science Calendar-team. If you are using iCal, RSS or bookmarks to access the Calendar, then we ask you to act as explained below.

With the new year 2019, we'll welcome a fresh new and responsive design of the calendar website (also see the online news item).

From January, the rule for search-specific links will be changed (URLs will get shorter) and this requires your iCal or RSS subscriptions or bookmarked URL to update to a new link. Please check now and remember what your current links were de-/selecting and manually repeat your search selection on the new website in January. This will then generate and show the respective new link for your search filter that you can use instead of the current one.

The main calendar website will stay at its well-known URL and all searches can be started from here as usual.


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