Self and Interpersonal Study of Narcissism (SINA)

05:00 PM - 05:30 PM 
Emanuel Jauk 
TU Dresden, Professur für Klinische Psychologie und Behaviorale Neurowissenschaft 
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TUD NIC Colloquium 
main topic
Psychology: Clinical, Diagnostic, Differ. Psy.

Narcissism is a phenomenon with two faces: grandiosity and vulnerability. At a subclinical level, grandiose narcissists are bold, assertive, and even charming, while vulnerable narcissists are anxious, defensive, and avoidant. Yet, both share a common core of entitled self-importance. At a clinical level, pathological narcissists are thought to display both behavioral and emotional tendencies in co-occurring or fluctuating states. Besides case studies and observer reports, however, there is little behavioral evidence on the actual interplay of narcissistic grandiosity and vulnerability in personality functioning.
This projects sets out to study narcissistic grandiosity and vulnerability in two central areas of personality functioning, namely self and interpersonal functioning. Impairments in these two areas are defined as core features of personality disorders, including narcissism, in the DSM-5.
To study the self-aspect, we will assess spontaneous thought using experience sampling in an established laboratory paradigm (Study 1a). This can unveil aspects of personality that manifest in spontaneous thought, such as self-relatedness or valence of thought. To study the interpersonal aspect, we will investigate interindividual differences in social affect and cognition, and their respective neural networks, in narcissism (Study 1b). Social affect and cognition will be studied using the the EmpaToM paradigm (Kanske et al., 2015) during fMRI. Finally, to conjointly study the self and interpersonal aspects, we will conduct an ecological momentary assessment study over the course of two weeks (Study 2) in cooperation with the section for Behavioral Epidemiology and the CELOS center.

The talk will give a brief project overview and subsequently focus on the neuroimaging part of the project.


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