Your Tech Stories #1: Artificial Intelligence: AI Creations and Exhibition Tales

15:00 - 16:00
Denny Thiele, Norman Koch
exe, ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig
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Towards a Designer Tool for Artists: A story about no/low code, programming interfaces and chatGPT The fusion of AI and low-code platforms empowers individuals to independently transform creative ideas into technological solutions, without the need for extensive programming knowledge, enabling the transformation of visions into reality. In this talk, Denny Thiele will share his personal journey of developing the design tool “exe-designer” in JavaScript as a creative individual without advanced technical proficiency. Central to his success are Low-Code tools like Airtable,, and Webflow, complemented by AI applications based on Large Language Models. He will demonstrate how these tools can be chained together to realize creative and complex projects and how they assisted him personally in developing a platform for artists. Denny Thiele Denny Thiele is an independent founder, autodidact, and AI enthusiast. He built and found ‚exe‚, – a platform that helps artists to showcase their work and connect with others, based on low-code technologies. Since 2022, he specializes in integrating AI knowledge into creative processes and teaching others to do so in talks and workshops. He received the promotion of the economy of the city of Leipzig in 2023. In his spare time, Denny Thiele plays several instruments and is a passionate musician. Data, AI, and Exhibitions In the quest for truth, Norman Koch was interested in the question if extraterrestrial life was already on earth since he was a young kid — many reports exist that say they are, but he was unconvinced. In search for answers, he downloaded every publically available report of UFO-phenomena seen in the skies above the world, classified each one of them and trained an AI on about 55.000 images to classify them. There were unexpected, yet interesting results in this process, and an art exhibition arose from it as well. Norman Koch From a young age on, Norman Koch always liked questioning the ‚obvious‘, and when he got a computer at the age of around 13, he soon started coding. He did an apprenticeship as software developer when he was 15, then his Abitur, and went on to study Philosophy, Theology and Computer Science at TU Dresden. Now, Norman Koch works as a programmer and researcher at ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig. Your Tech Stories The "Your Tech Stories"-format offers a dynamic platform for individuals to share their passion projects in a free format, choosing between presentations, demos, or hands-on experiences. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, scientific employee or tech-enthusiast. Feel free to present your work and experiences, collect feedback and foster collaboration within the ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig community.

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